Rap Battlefield (Días de gallos)
1 Seasons

Rap Battlefield (Días de gallos)

: Young artists León, Rafaela, and Andy take on the world of competitive freestyle rap in Buenos Aires.

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The Return (El regreso)
1. The Return (El regreso)

After reuniting with childhood friends Rafaela and Andy in Buenos Aires, León is...

A Fly in a Spiderweb (Como una mosca en teleraña)
2. A Fly in a Spiderweb (Como una mosca en teleraña)

With the park rap battles around the corner, León seeks help from an eccentric t...

Training (Entrenamiento)
3. Training (Entrenamiento)

The attraction between Rafaela and León intensifies as they prepare for the firs...

Rookie (Novato)
4. Rookie (Novato)

Ahead of the second meet, León is haunted by memories of the past. Rafaela recon...

Flow (Fluidez)
5. Flow (Fluidez)

Andy takes a chance on a crush. León considers sharpening his improv skills befo...

The Last Man (El último hombre)
6. The Last Man (El último hombre)

León learns the truth about Matias. A late night in the office spells trouble fo...

Epic (Épica)
7. Epic (Épica)

León and Rafaela must face each other at the NET Series. Killer has a proposal f...

Anger (Bronca)
8. Anger (Bronca)

León takes Matias' problems into his own hands. Rafaela finds that Mexico City i...

Pride (Orgullo)
9. Pride (Orgullo)

Now in the spotlight, León asks for Andy's help to boost his social media presen...

Surprise (Sopresa)
10. Surprise (Sopresa)

Killer aims to sabotage Rafaela, and León attempts to right a wrong at the Maste...

Rap Battlefield (Días de gallos)




1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

Edgy and unforgettable, Rap Battlefield (Días de gallos) centers on aspiring rapper León, who becomes enamored with the unpredictable world of freestyling after seeking refuge from personal demons in Buenos Aires, where he reunites with childhood friends Andy and Rafaela. As León fights for respect on the rap battlefield, he reawakens single mom Rafaela’s latent freestyle dreams, while Andy - struggling to find a safe space for true self-expression - lends their skillset as social media guru. Moving from scrappy street battles to Argentina’s biggest stage, León and Rafaela’s disappointments, heartbreaks, and anxieties only serve to fuel their epic flow.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Ecko, Ángela Torres, Tomás Wicz, Delfina Chaves, Franco Rizzaro, Lucas Jinkis, Hernán Guerschuny, Stuart, Klan, Roma, Carlos Portaluppi, Cacha, Paola Barrientos, Julieta Zylberberg, Lautaro Delgado

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