Fast N' Loud
15 Seasons

Fast N' Loud

: The Gas Monkey Garage crew turns derelict cars into gold on wheels.

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Model A Madness
1. Model A Madness

Richard and Aaron find the hot rod of their dreams -- a rust-free 1931 Model A.

Awesome Aussies and Olds
2. Awesome Aussies and Olds

The guys have 48 hours to fix a broken-down '73 Caddy convertible for two Aussie...

Monkey Business Dragster
3. Monkey Business Dragster

The guys stumble upon a 1960s Gasser that Richard wants to race and a curse may ...

Double Trouble Galaxie
4. Double Trouble Galaxie

The team struggles to get a '64 Galaxie ready to replace a roughed-up one for au...

Low Riding Lincoln
5. Low Riding Lincoln

The team turns a 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III into a muscle car.

Frankensteined Ford
6. Frankensteined Ford

The guys blend together two vehicles that shouldn't go together to form a '68 Fo...

Amazing Impala
7. Amazing Impala

The Gas Monkey crew dig up a '64 Impala buried in 10 years of debris and bring i...

Ramshackle Rambler
8. Ramshackle Rambler

The crew revives a rust-and-rat filled '59 Rambler to make it SoCal surf-worthy ...

’48 Chevy Fleetmaster
9. ’48 Chevy Fleetmaster

Richard, Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew try to "knock the ugly outta" a '48 Chevy...

One-of-a-Kind Woodill
10. One-of-a-Kind Woodill

The crew handles a rare, fragile and flammable fiberglass-bodied Woodill Wildfire.

Fast and Furious Fairmont
11. Fast and Furious Fairmont

The Gas Monkeys make an "ugly" 1978 Ford Fairmount into a cool, mirrored drift car.

Holy Grail Hot Rod
12. Holy Grail Hot Rod

The guys pick up a very rare '32 Ford 3-window, but buying it is about all they ...

Fast N' Loud


Reality, Automotive


15 Seasons Available (126 Episodes)

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About This Series

Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings searches for forgotten and neglected vintage cars. He needs big projects and big profits to keep the doors open at Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Richard Rawlings

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