Who's By Your Side
1 Seasons

Who's By Your Side

: A lifetime of bad luck forces a dysfunctional family to confront their haunted past.

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Kagome Kagome
1. Kagome Kagome

One family struggles to make sense of their endless misfortunes and the sinister...

2. Destiny

Yung-Jie’s past creeps into her present as she struggles to keep her daughter safe.

3. Departure

As the search for En-Jia continues, a shocking death rattles the family’s foundation.

4. Atonement

Zhi-Sheng’s good deeds come at a cost while Yung-Chi grapples with the aftermath...

5. Desire

Yung-Chi seeks comfort in an unlikely ally while Zhi-Sheng does everything he ca...

6. Promise

Hao-Yuan becomes involved in a diabolical conspiracy while Zhi-Sheng struggles t...

7. Mystery

Yung-Chi falls prey to dark forces while Zhi-Sheng’s plans to reconnect with his...

8. Newborn

Yung-Chi’s marriage reaches a breaking point when Hao-Yuan discovers that she pe...

9. Truth

While En-Jia fights for her life, Yung-Chi and Zhi-Sheng approach Auntie Hao for...

10. Redemption

Zhi-Sheng attempts to find the source of his family’s misfortunes as Hitomi clos...

Who's By Your Side


Drama, Thriller


1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

Constantly struggling to make ends meet, Jian Zhi-Sheng takes a major risk… and winds up gambling away what little he and his wife Zeng Yung-Jie have left. But the couple’s streak of bad luck began long before, when their daughter En-Jia ran away from home. When an urban legend known as Hitomi, who preys on the sinful and has followed Yung-Jie and her sister Yung-Chi for as long as they can remember – suddenly returns, their family is forced to break the cycle of horrors and betrayal once and for all – or succumb to the darkness of human nature.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Kaiser Chuang, Vivian Hsu, Ning Chang, Ivan Chang, Lu Hsueh-Feng, Ellen Wu, Chiao Yuan, Chiao Yuan, Michael Chang, Michael Chang, Jennifer Wang, Tommi Wang, Tommi Wang, Kelly Liao, Cosmos Lin, Huang Guan-Zhi

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