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Looney Tunes

: Every looney star to make theatergoers howl with laughter is here from Bugs Bunny asking "What's Up Doc?" to the plots Wile E. Coyote conceives.

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Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!
1. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

Foxy dreams he is the Toonerville Trolley engineer urging his passengers to smile.

Hollywood Capers
4. Hollywood Capers

Beans is a Hollywood hopeful and sneaks into a big studio.

I Haven't Got a Hat
5. I Haven't Got a Hat

The occasion is a school musical with many acts in which each of them end with a...

Goopy Geer
10. Goopy Geer

In a crowded nightclub, everyone comes to see Goopy Gear the star piano-playing ...

Moonlight for Two
11. Moonlight for Two

Goopy, his girlfriend and a stove are dancing to music when a villain comes to t...

The Queen Was in the Parlor
12. The Queen Was in the Parlor

When a pig king gets back to his castle and finds his wife isn't waiting on him,...

I Wish I Had Wings
14. I Wish I Had Wings

A baby hen sees a lot of food on the other side of the fence.

A Great Big Bunch of You
15. A Great Big Bunch of You

Junkyard jive time where discarded store mannequins come to life to sing and dance.

Young and Healthy
16. Young and Healthy

In 18th-century France, fat King Louis is bored to tears with the doddering old ...

The Girl at the Ironing Board
19. The Girl at the Ironing Board

An underwear comes to life cartoon. In the laundry area clothing comes to life a...

Pettin' in the Park
20. Pettin' in the Park

In a city park, springtime brings out romantic feelings in a policeman and promp...

Beauty and the Beast
22. Beauty and the Beast

A girl enters a fantasy fairyland and is rescued by a toy soldier from the beast.

Corn on the Cop
23. Corn on the Cop

On Halloween night policemen Daffy Duck and Porky Pig search for a robber disgui...

Country Boy
26. Country Boy

A cute bunny rabbit film where Peter Rabbit is constantly causing trouble at the...

My Green Fedora
27. My Green Fedora

A boy rabbit tries to stop his little brother, Elmer, from crying but nothing se...

Into Your Dance
29. Into Your Dance

Captain Benny introduces the conductor to the locals but neither the locals or t...

The Merry Old Soul
31. The Merry Old Soul

Old King Cole marries the Woman in the Shoe. She has lots of kids and he helps w...

The Lady in Red
32. The Lady in Red

In a closed Mexican cafe, the cockroaches make themselves at home.

Little Dutch Plate
33. Little Dutch Plate

The Dutch boy, a salt shaker, is in love with the little Dutch girl on the plate.

Flowers for Madame
35. Flowers for Madame

An ugly, ostricized cactus saves the day when a fire engulfs Flower Town.

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Every wacky, looney, crazed animated star to ever make theatergoers howl with laughter, from the first time Bugs Bunny emerges from his rabbit hole to ask "What's Up Doc?" to the insane plots Wile E. Coyote conceives to capture the Road Runner. There are decades of hilarious hi-jinks in the Warner Cartoons.

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