Las Bravas F.C.
1 Seasons

Las Bravas F.C.

: Disgraced soccer phenom Roberto Casas returns to his hometown where he must lead the local women’s team to victory – or face jail time.

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1. Off-Side

Roberto Casas heads back to his Mexican hometown of Playa Ángel and is faced wit...

The Goal Is Not to Play Games, But to Win Them
2. The Goal Is Not to Play Games, But to Win Them

As the team readies for an important match, a “miracle” appears that could help ...

Some Players Dream of Scoring, I Dream of Catching
3. Some Players Dream of Scoring, I Dream of Catching

While the community rallies around Las Bravas, Roberto awaits the results of a l...

The Thunderdome
4. The Thunderdome

Roberto makes a risky return to the field in a last-ditch effort to sign a promi...

Fair Play
5. Fair Play

Flor attempts to educate Roberto, Tania enlists Claudia’s help, and a new teamma...

Mi Casas Es Su Casas
6. Mi Casas Es Su Casas

Sebas receives an unexpected visit as Las Bravas go on strike against a worried ...

Penalties Are a Lottery
7. Penalties Are a Lottery

As Las Bravas climb the league ranks, Roberto weighs an important decision about...

Win, Win and Win Again
8. Win, Win and Win Again

Roberto has a life-changing realization as Las Bravas prepare for the final matc...

Las Bravas F.C.


Comedy, Drama, Dark Comedy


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

After a spectacular fall from grace, soccer superstar Roberto Casas finds himself on a one-way flight to his humble hometown of Playa Ángel, Mexico in an attempt to hide from Spanish authorities. But when a distant relative offers him a deal, Roberto finds himself faced with a choice: coach the fumbling women’s Las Bravas football club into the Premier League -- or face jail time. A sports dramedy about family, community, and second chances, Las Bravas F.C. follows one man’s unexpected journey to reconnect with his past -- and his true self.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Mauricio Ochmann, Ana Becerril, Mauricio Barrientos, José Sefami, Irán Castillo, Enrique Vergara

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