Tokyo Vice
1 Seasons

Tokyo Vice

: Young American journalist Jake Adelstein descends into the neon-soaked underbelly of late ‘90s Tokyo.

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The Test
1. The Test

Hired as Meicho Shimbun's first American crime reporter, Jake Adelstein is quick...

Kishi Kaisei
2. Kishi Kaisei

As crime boss Tozawa dangerously toes the line between territories, the rival Ch...

Read the Air
3. Read the Air

Jake's persistence pays off when he receives an exclusive from Detective Katagir...

I Want It That Way
4. I Want It That Way

As Samantha makes strides toward the future, her past catches up. With help from...

Everybody Pays
5. Everybody Pays

When Jake helps reveal the mole in Chihara-Kai, he must weigh the risks of accep...

The Information Business
6. The Information Business

An impromptu Yakuza Peace Summit finds Tozawa at the mercy of his own actions. S...

Sometimes They Disappear
7. Sometimes They Disappear

Jake struggles to regain his footing after the botched raid, while Samantha grow...

8. Yoshino

While Samantha risks it all for Polina's safe return, Sato is forced to mix busi...

Tokyo Vice


Drama, Crime, Investigation, Organized Crime


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

Loosely inspired by Jake Adelstein's non-fiction first-hand account, the crime drama series Tokyo Vice follows the young American journalist’s rapid descent into Tokyo's neon-soaked underbelly in the late '90s. Hired as prestigious newspaper Meicho Shimbun's first American crime reporter, Adelstein soon finds himself covering seemingly unrelated cases -- but quickly grows suspicious that more nefarious forces are at play. After embedding himself into the Tokyo Metro PD, alongside Detective Hiroto Katagiri, Adelstein is thrust into a seedy, fast-paced world of corruption, crime, and deception, where nothing and no one are what they seem

Cast and Crew

Starring: Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, Rinko Kikuchi, Rachel Keller, Ella Rumpf, Hideaki Ito, Show Kasamatsu, J.T. Rogers

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