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: The exploits of a cryogenically frozen secret agent from the 1960s after he is thrust into a fractured modern-day Spain.

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Episode 1
1. Episode 1

After receiving a mysterious package, aspiring journalist Antonia finds herself ...

Episode 2
2. Episode 2

While Antonia fights to be taken seriously -- and fend off her attackers -- Garc...

Episode 3
3. Episode 3

Garcia tackles his first mission in over 60 years as a frustrated Antonia learns...

Episode 4
4. Episode 4

Garcia is forced to flee and reconsider everything he thought he knew. After lea...

Episode 5
5. Episode 5

After Ortiz's plan lands Garcia behind bars, Antonia assembles a ragtag crew of ...

Episode 6
6. Episode 6

Antonia's friends and estranged father team up to save her from a shared enemy, ...



Drama, Action


1 Seasons Available (6 Episodes)

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About This Series

Based on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, this action-adventure spy series follows Antonia, a young reporter who quickly becomes embroiled in an elaborate political conspiracy after accidentally defrosting a cryogenically frozen secret agent from the 1960s. Finding himself thrust into a fractured modern world, Garcia, a former pawn in fascist dictator Francisco Franco’s regime, must rely on Antonia’s help to fit in – and decide where his loyalties lie amid a conspiracy to upend the Spanish government. Thrilling and fast-paced, GARCIA! spans six decades in Spain’s tumultuous political history, seamlessly blending satire and suspense for a genre-bending adventure of epic proportions.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Veki Velilla, Francisco Ortiz, Emilio Caba, Francisco Reyes, Lola Herrera, Sara Antuña, Carlos de Pando

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