Somebody Somewhere (HBO)
2 Seasons

Somebody Somewhere (HBO)

: A Kansas woman finds the passion and joy missing from her life thanks to a group of outsiders in this comedy series.

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1. BFD

Devastated by the recent loss of her sister, an increasingly unmoored Sam receiv...

Knick-Knacks and Doodads
2. Knick-Knacks and Doodads

Despite bonding with new friends, compounding job and family concerns find Sam s...

Egg Shells
3. Egg Shells

After a spirited day playing detective with Joel, Sam braces for a difficult tal...

Feast of St. Francis
4. Feast of St. Francis

While Joel frets an impromptu meeting with Pastor Deb, Sam puts out a fire on he...

Tee-Tee Pa-Pah
5. Tee-Tee Pa-Pah

As a tornado touches down, Sam weathers a different kind of storm with Tricia.

Life Could Be a Dream
6. Life Could Be a Dream

After receiving shocking news about her job, Sam re-evaluates her life. Later, t...

Mrs. Diddles
7. Mrs. Diddles

On her quest to inspire Joel, Sam recruits a small team to help and realizes jus...

Somebody Somewhere (HBO)


Comedy, Drama, Offbeat, Family Relationships


2 Seasons Available (14 Episodes)

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About This Series

Sam is a true Kansan on the surface, but, beneath it all, struggles to fit the hometown mold. As she grapples with loss and acceptance, singing is Sam's saving grace and leads her on a journey to discover herself and a community of outsiders who don't fit in but don't give up, showing that finding your people, and finding your voice, is possible.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Bridget Everett, Jeff Hiller, Mary Catherine Garrison, Danny McCarthy, Mike Hagerty, Murray Hill, Jane Drake Brody, Jon Odom

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