Sort Of
2 Seasons

Sort Of

: Non-binary millennial Sabi -- the youngest child of Pakistani parents -- navigates love, career, and family.

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Sort of Gone
1. Sort of Gone

After a horrible date and unceremonious firing, Sabi contemplates an opportunity...

Sort of Back
2. Sort of Back

With Paul struggling to cope, Sabi sidelines their Berlin plans in order to help...

Sort of Mary Poppins
3. Sort of Mary Poppins

A family health scare finds Sabi at the same hospital where Bessy's receiving ca...

Sort of Stable
4. Sort of Stable

Sabi makes another sacrifice, while Paul digs into Bessy's secret. Raffo clings ...

Sort of a Party
5. Sort of a Party

Sabi encourages Violet to work through her complex emotions as the family search...

Sort of Ellen
6. Sort of Ellen

When Sabi bails on a fun night to look after the kids, their relationship with P...

Sort of a Miracle
7. Sort of a Miracle

Sabi and Aqsa head home to check in on their mom, prompting Sabi to bare their t...

Sort of Back Again
8. Sort of Back Again

After shocking news, Sabi takes some time to process what Bessy's accident has m...

Sort Of




2 Seasons Available (16 Episodes)

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About This Series

Big-hearted dramedy Sort Of follows non-binary millennial Sabi Mehboob -- the youngest child of Pakistani parents -- as they navigate love, career and family. Amid fresh challenges and uncertainty, life is anything but simple for Sabi, who questions if they will ever have an uncomplicated "normal" love. But despite life's ups and downs, Sabi is on a journey to make stronger choices, know their boundaries, and develop the self-worth to "take up space." Have they finally started to figure things out? Sort of. A coming-of-age story, Sort Of explores how the labels we once poured ourselves into are no longer applicable ... to anyone.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Bilal Baig, Gray Powell, Amanda Cordner, Ellora Patnaik, Grace Kung, Supinder Wraich, Kaya Kanashiro, Aden Bedard, Gregory Calderone, Alanna Bale, Cassandra James, Becca Blackwell, Fabrizio Filippo, Bilal Baig, Raymond Cham Jr., Amanda Brugel, Scott Thompson, Dhirendra

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